Museum guides: 1915-1967

I wish to make a plea in behalf of the educational value of natural history museums.

So wrote Barton Warren Evermann, the Director of the California Academy of Sciences, in the January 1918 issue of Scientific Monthly. Evermann’s article, “Modern Natural History Museums and Their Relation to Public Education”, was 30+ pages of text and photos in support of his plea.

Evermann did not mention the California condor in his article. However, I have acquired original guide books published by 4 museums that do refer to the condor.

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State bird

The official state bird of California is the California quail, a fine representative for the state. The California quail was chosen, in the late 1920s, by a state-wide, albeit, unofficial vote. Among the top candidates for state bird was the California condor. Here’s the story.

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Boys’ Life: 1942-1999

During the years 1942-1999, Boys’ Life, the magazine of the Boy Scouts of America, published at least 20 items referring to the California condor. By doing so, this magazine reached an important audience with information about the condor.

This post offers an overview of what boy scouts learned about the California condor from their magazine during the 20th century.

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