Postage stamps from around the world

The California condor has found its way on to beautiful postage stamps in recent years. Some of the condor images on these stamps are by prominent wildlife artists.

This 2013 stamp features the art of Chuck Ripper:
01 Marshall Islands 2013
I particularly appreciate Ripper’s detailed Californian habitat behind the birds.

A pair of stamps from Chad show the condor (right) and cousin turkey vulture:
02 Chad 2010
This pair is titled “aigles”, French for eagles. Perhaps the term is referring to birds of prey, a category that some apply to eagles and vultures.

This 2011 stamp shows a stylized condor:
03 St Vincent 2011

A set of 4 stamps from Togo combine images about air pollution and endangered bird species:
04 Togo 2011

Artist Wendy Wray created the images on these stamps:
05 UN 2011
The condor has a wonderful expression, as if focused intently on the artist.

The condors are not actually on this 2012 stamp, but the images of the adult and chick are excellent:
06 Mozambique 2012
The title translates from Portuguese as “endangered raptors”. The birds shown represent species from the Old and New Worlds.

The title of this 2009 ensemble translates as “extinct and endangered animals”:
07 France 2009
The artist is Christophe Drochon. Notably, the condor on the stamp itself (in flight) is a juvenile. An adult California condor is also shown.

My favorite of this group is this 2009 stamp by artist and biologist Hans Peeters:
08 Mexico 2009
The bird in Peeters’s remarkable image comes across as fully alive.

The last 2 stamps in this post are curiosities. Despite the caption, the bird on this stamp is that of an Andean condor, as indicated by the white ruff:
09 Grenada XXXX
The scientific species name is also incorrect (it should be californianus, not californiacus).

Finally, this stamp from Laos shows a teratorn, an extinct relative of the California condor:
10 Laos 1994

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