Color illustrations from books: 1930-1979

This post is another featuring artists’ impressions of the California condor. All these illustrations are from books in my library.

In their own way, each of the artists has captured essential characteristics of the California condor and done so in a beautiful way. The illustrations are presented in chronological order and are followed by the name of the artist and bibliographic details of the book from which they come.

01 Mann 1930
Artist: Benson Moore. Book: Mann, William M. Wild animals in and out of the zoo. Smithsonian Institution Series. 1930.

02 Meine 1941
Artist: R H Winkler. Book: Meine, Franklin J, editor. Webster’s encyclopedic dictionary. Publisher’s Guild. 1941.

03 Beard et al 1942
Artist: Walter A Weber. Book: Beard, Daniel B, and others. Fading trails: the story of endangered American wildlife. Macmillan. 1942.

04 Farrington 1945
Artist: Lynn Bogue Hunt. Book: Farrington, S Kip, Jr. Interesting birds of our country. Garden City. 1945.

05 Brasher 1962
Artist: Rex Brasher. Book: Brasher, Milton E. Rex Brasher: painter of birds. Rowman and Littlefield. 1962.

06 Brown & Amadon 1968
Artist: R T Peterson. Book: Brown, Leslie, and Dean Amadon. Eagles, hawks, and falcons of the world. Volume 1. McGraw-Hill. 1968.

07 Milne 1969
Artist: Marie Nonnast Bohlen. Book: Milne, Lorus, and Margery Milne. North American birds. Prentice-Hall. 1969.

08 Carlson & Binford 1974
Artist: Kenneth L Carlson. Book: Binford, Laurence C. Birds of western North America: nonpasserines. MacMillan. 1974.

09 Mackenzie 1977
Artist: Terence Shortt. Book: Mackenzie, John P S. Birds in peril. Houghton Mifflin. 1977.

10 Sitwell 1979
Artist: John Barber. Book: Sitwell, Nigel, editor. Wildlife ’79: the world conservation yearbook. Danbury. 1979.

I never grow tired of seeing these images.