Postal miscellaneous

Previous posts have shown postage stamps, first day covers, and postcards that feature images of the California condor. This post includes more of all 3 kinds of postal items.

First, a 2014 stamp issue from the Solomon Islands:
01 Stamp - Solomon Islands 2014

Next is a “collector card” produced by the US Postal Service to commemorate its issue of the 1996 condor postage stamp:
02 Collector card - USPS 1996 - front02 Collector card - USPS 1996 - reverse
Finding this allows me to note that James Balog took the photograph on the 1996 stamp.

These 3 cachets have condor art even though the stamps do not:
03 Cachet - 1986 Last wild refuge
04 Cachet - 2006 Collins
05 Cachet - 2012 Arizona
I particularly appreciate the connection between the bristlecone pine and California condor, both exceptional species that face significant challenges because of their ways of living.

Finally, I show 3 postcards with excellent photographs of the California condor. The 1st postcard has colorized photos taken in 1906. But based on the text this postcard was likely published in the 1960s:
06 Postcard - Nature Press - front06 Postcard - Nature Press - reverse

Again based on the text, I estimate the publication date of this card to be in the 1970s:
07 Postcard - NAS - front07 Postcard - NAS - reverse

This last postcard, without explanatory text on the reverse, is from the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. The photograph, of what appears to be a museum display, is credited to G. D. Lepp:
08 Postcard - SB Museum - front08 Postcard - SB Museum - reverse

If you know the dates of publication of any of these postcards, please make contact.

All this “postal miscellaneous” is part of the story of the relationship between California condors and humans. These items are evidence of human interest in and concern for this remarkable endangered species.

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