Art prints

As part of my exploration of the relationship between California condors and humans, I keep an eye out for new or recently-produced “condor art”. In this post I share 14 art prints from my collection.

This black and white image, by dchristo, captures and highlights physical features of the California condor:
01 dchristo

A collage by Matt Zigler is part of the Natura Technica project, which is concerned with endangered species that are dependent on humans for their survival. Elements of this collage include maps of condor habitat, scientific figures showing the number of condors over time, and the “family tree” for the condor population:
02 Matt Zigler

This silhouette of a California condor was created with mitochondrial DNA data for the species (the work is not signed and I have, unfortunately, lost track of the artist’s name):
03 DNA

Another silhouette is by TheVegesaur, creator of the 2 logo images for this blog:
04 Vegesaur

Artist F. R. Zenkova created a stack of vultures, a nice play on Gerhard Marcks’s statue of the Town Musicians of Bremen. As the largest vulture in the stack, the California condor occupies the bottom position:
05 F R Zenkova

Jonathan Almond’s beautiful illustration focuses on condor habitat, but the small image of the condor is an essential and eye-catching feature:
06 Jonathan Almond

An instant in time is captured in this work by Ivett Garay:
07 Ivett Garay

This is an “artist trading card”, a playing-card-size original (not a print) by Tom McCobb:
08 Tom McCobb

Mia Bosna’s condor has a remarkable beauty and serenity:
09 Mia Bosna

Amy Rose Moore’s close-up conveys the condor’s calm intensity:
10 Amy Rose Moore

This work by Frances Marin shows California condors at table:
11 Frances Marin

Rachel Kozlowski of RKArtwork, created this curious illustration:
12 Rachel Kozlowski

The most surprising piece here is by MeljoJoJo:
13 MeljoJoJo

Finally, the newest addition to my collection is this timely collage by Vivienne Strauss:
14 Vivienne Strauss
More of Strauss’s work can be seen in her new book Little Birds Big Adventures (Marcinson Press).

I encourage anyone who sees work of interest here to support the artists by purchasing a print. Many of these prints are available for sale on the web.