Cover birds: 1978-2011

The California condor has appeared on the cover of many magazines in recent decades. In this post I share 10 fine examples.

The February 1978 cover of Birding featured this oft-reprinted photo by John Borneman, here in black and white:
01 Birding - Feb 1978

The New Scientist cover for 16 October 1986 included a provocative headline over a photo by Jeff Foote and Bruce Coleman:
02 New Scientist - 16 Oct 1986

Inside the June 1987 issue of WildBird is the caption for the cover image. The caption reads, in part:

The rarest of sights …. At the time of writing, only one condor remained free.

The cover photo for this issue is by David Clendenen:
03 Wildbird - Jun 1987

The April-June 1990 cover of Birds International shows a photo taken by Noel Snyder on the summit of Mount Pinos (elevation 8847 feet / 2697 m):
04 Birds Intl - Apr-Jun 1990

A photo taken at the Los Angeles Zoo by Anthony Mercieca graced the December 1991 cover of Birder’s World:
05 Birders World - Dec 1991

The April 1992 issue of the magazine of the San Diego Zoo, Zoonooz, celebrated the release of California condors back into the wild. This photo of condor AC-9 was taken in November 1986 by David Clendenen:
06 Zoonooz - Apr 1992

In Spring 1997, the magazine of the Los Angeles Zoo, Zooview, also featured AC-9, here in a photo by Mike Wallace:
07 Zooview - Spring 1997

The cover of the Fall 1999 issue of Hawk Mountain News did not include a photographer credit:
08 Hawk Mtn News - Fall 1999

This beautiful photo by Susan Middleton and David Liittschwager appeared on the January-February 2000 cover of Audubon:
09 Audubon - Jan-Feb 2000

Finally, offering a reminder of the expanding range of the California condor, here is a photo by Chris Parish on the cover of the September-October 2011 issue of Arizona Wildlife Views:
10 Ariz Wildlife Views - Sep-Oct 2011

Some of the photos above were taken by professional photographers while others were taken by condor scientists. We are fortunate that many condor scientists, who spend long hours with condors in the field and captivity, have considerable photographic talent.

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