Art exhibitions

Below are 5 representations of the California condor from the catalogs of art exhibitions and a 6th work from an exhibition held this past spring.

The Cooper Ornithological Club organized a exhibition of bird art to mark the occasion of its first annual meeting, in 1926. The catalog included this photo of an oil painting by Bruce Horsfall:
01 Horsefall

The cover of the exhibition’s catalog included one of the club’s logo images:
02 COC exhibition catalog cover

The Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, Wisconsin organizes an annual exhibition “Birds in Art”. The California condor was the subject of 2 pieces in the 1983 exhibition catalog. Harry Curieux Adamson’s oil painting, “Spanning the Millennia — California Condor”, includes condors and many details of their habitat:
03 Adamson

Charles Greenough Chase’s wood sculpture is titled “California Condor”. The piece is over 1 m tall and sculpted from a single piece of wood:
04 Chase

The Society of Animal Artists premiered its 50th Annual Members Exhibition in San Diego in 2010. The exhibition included a pencil and pastel work by Karen Allaben-Confer, “Condor Soaring Under Storm Clouds at Vermillion Cliffs”:
05 Allaben-Confer
The exhibition catalog quotes the artist on her approach:

Only observing birds alive in their natural, untrammeled environment inspires the most revealing, most genuine interpretation of their lives in art.

Ghosts of Gone Birds: Resurrecting Lost Species through Art by Chris Aldhous (Bloomsbury 2013) is both a catalog of exhibitions and the report of a major creative project. This beautiful book includes the work of over 180 artists, including Roy Wright’s “Californian Condor” (pencil):
06 Wright
(Because of the book’s binding, part of the image was cut off when I scanned it.)

Finally, here is a digital print from “That Great Rock Mass is Called the Earth”, a solo exhibition by Luke Matjas that recently concluded at the Carnegie Art Museum in Oxnard, California:
07 Matjas
The above image and information is from the Ventura County Star newspaper’s website

I have just begun tracking down art featuring the California condor that has not appeared in magazines or books (other than exhibition catalogs). As I find more examples, I will present them here.