More black & white illustrations from books: 1944-1996

This post presents, in chronological order, 8 more black and white illustrations of the California condor from books in my library.

As published, this 1st illustration is little more than half the size of a business card. Yet it manages to nicely show a California condor up-close and in flight over its habitat:
01 Hausman 1944
Artist: Jacob Bates Abbott. Book: Hausman, Leon Augustus. The illustrated encyclopedia of American birds. Halcyon. 1944.

This simple, evocative image marks the end of a book chapter:
02 Peterson & Fisher 1955
Artist: Roger Tory Peterson. Book: Peterson, Roger Tory, and James Fisher. Wild America: the record of a 30,000 mile journey around the continent by a distinguished naturalist and his British colleague. Houghton Mifflin. 1955.

The next image imagines the capture of a California condor by members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition:
03 Stoutenburg 1967
Artist: John Schoenherr. Book: Stoutenburg, Adrien. A vanishing thunder: extinct and threatened American birds. Natural History Press. 1967.

This illustration appears on a book’s front cover:
04 Lane 1979
Artist: Jolan Truan. Book: Lane, James A. A birder’s guide to southern California. 4th edition. L & P. 1979.

The distinctive pattern of condor wing feathers as they molt and are replaced is shown in this image:
05 McClung 1979
Artist: George Founds. Book: McClung, Robert M. America’s endangered birds: programs and people working to save them. William Morrow. 1979.

The quiet dignity of the condor is nicely captured here:
06 Cooke 1994
Artist: Lois Leonard Stock. Book: Cooke, Anne Z. Natural wonders of southern California: a guide to parks, preserves and wild places. Country Roads. 1994.

A captive condor dreams of soaring with another condor:
07 Dunne 1995
Artist: David Sibley. Book: Dunne, Pete. The wind masters: the lives of North American birds of prey. Houghton Mifflin, 1995.

Finally, a fierce and brooding bird:
08 Hyett 1996
Artist: Robert W Treanor. Book: Hyett, Barbara Helfgott. The tracks we leave: poems on endangered wildlife of North America. University of Illinois Press. 1996.

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