Population headlines

A recent post listed a number of headlines from the Los Angeles Times that began, literally, with some number of individual California condors. In this post are headlines, again from the Los Angeles Times, that report the total number of living condors through time.

Spanning almost 5 decades, the 10 headlines below nicely capture the decline and rise of the California condor population at the end of the 20th century and beginning of the 21st century:

Condor Count 38 in Census (28 October 1965)
Condors Holding On; Observers Count 52 (25 October 1968)
Condors in State Estimated at 200 (17 October 1969)
Condor Counters Sight 36 Birds in 2 Days (15 October 1972)
California Condors down to 30-40 Living (28 October 1978)
Condor No. 33 Debuts (13 March 1990)
Births of 3 Chicks Push Condor Population to 48 (30 April 1991)
Condor Hatched at Zoo; Known Population at 50 (29 May 1991)
Condor Chick Hatched at Zoo; Population at 68 (17 April 1993)
California Condor Population Hits 100 (6 October 2010)

That last headline refers only to free-living condors in California. The other headlines refer to the total number of condors on Earth.

The headlines concerning recent additions to the condor population are all dated March-May, when condors hatch. The headlines based on censuses of condors in the wild are all from October, after the spring-hatched condors have begun to fly.

The previous post referred to above is Start with the numbers, which includes a few comments about the role of newspaper headlines in the condor-human story.