Drink up

Over the years I have acquired an  assortment of California condor-themed drinking vessels and beverage containers. Such items are another example of the broad interest by people in an endangered species.

The 7-Eleven chain of convenience stores produced this plastic cup, probably in the 1970s:
01a Cup - 711 - front01b Cup - 711 - reverse
A note on the reverse side indicates that the stores were, for every cup sold, donating a penny to bald eagle recovery efforts.

The Brickskeller brewery of Pittsburgh produced this beer can:
02a Can - Brickskeller - front02b Can - Brickskeller - reverse
The removable pull tab dates this to before the mid-1980s.

This shot glass features an etched image of a California condor and the text “San Diego Wild Animal Park” and “California Condor”:
03a Glass - SDWAP - a03a Glass - SDWAP - b

A stein produced by the Avon company includes an image of a condor and other animals:
04a Stein - Avon - side04c Stein - Avon - bottom

Here is part of the text from the stein’s box:
04b Stein - Avon - package

Finally, the best item in this set, a tiny bottle in the form of a roosting California condor:
05a Bottle - Foss - side05b Bottle - Foss - bottom
The bird’s head and ruff are the bottle’s stopper.

Here’s to another year of progress in the recovery of the California condor!