Color photos from journals & magazines: 1967-1988

Color photos reveal the colorful side – mostly the head and neck – of the California condor.

As color photography and printing became increasingly common in the later 20th century, more people learned that the condor was not just a black and white bird.

Here are 8 examples of color photos from a diverse group of publications, publications that reached a diverse and large audience.

Photographer: Fred Sibley. Source: Harrison, George H. The valley of the condors. National Wildlife. October 1967.

Photographer: Frederick Kent Truslow. Source: L, B. Doom stalks giant bird. National Geographic School Bulletin. 16 February 1970.

Photographer: Frederick K Truslow. Source: Borland, Hal. Take a long, last look at the condor. National Wildlife. April 1974.

Photographer: Tom McHugh. Source: Gwynne, Peter. Lo, the California condor. Newsweek. 26 May 1980.

Photographer: Tom McHugh. Source: Ensley, Philip K. Day of the condor. Living Bird Quarterly. Autumn 1984.

Photographer: J Grantham. Source: Lang, John S. Caged: the last wild condor. U.S. News and World Report. 4 May 1987.

Photographer: V Apanius. Source: Gallagher, Tim. Last chance for the California condor. WildBird. June 1987.

Photographer: H Snyder. Source: Gray, Robert. The last wild condor. Boys’ Life. June 1988.

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