More cover birds: 1927-2010

This post presents images of the California condor from the covers of books. All of these books consider the condor but none are entirely focused on the species.

This collection of book cover images is not just about the artistic representation of the California condor. It is significant that images of the condor were selected for the covers of these books. Many other subjects relevant to each book’s content would have made for suitable covers.

The illustrations and, in one case, photo, below are from book covers themselves or dust jackets (or both). One of the images is from a book’s back cover.

Not all of the artists were credited in the books. In 2 cases I recognized the illustrations and am able to give the artist’s name in parentheses. In a 3rd case, the artist credit in the book is not correct and offer what I believe to be the actual artist’s name.

Artist: Allan Brooks. Source: Hoffmann, Ralph. Birds of the Pacific states. Houghton Mifflin. 1927.

Artist: John Schoenherr. Source: Stoutenburg, Adrien. A vanishing thunder: extinct and threatened American birds. Natural History Press. 1967.

Artist: Uncredited. Source: Hovland, Carol, and David Hovland. America’s endangered wildlife. Tower. 1972.

Photographer: Fred Sibley. Source: Gagnon, Dennis R. Hiking the Santa Barbara backcountry. Ward Ritchie. 1974.

Artist: Uncredited. Source: Temple, Stanley A, editor. Endangered birds: management techniques for preserving threatened species. University of Wisconsin Press. 1978.

Artist: Uncredited (R Bruce Horsfall). Source: King, Warren B, editor. Endangered birds of the world. Smithsonian Institution Press. 1981.

Artist: J Schmitt. Source. Palmer, Ralph S, editor. Handbook of North American birds. Volume 4. Yale University Press. 1988.

Artist: Uncredited (J Laurence Murray). Source: Jehl, Joseph R, Jr, and Ned K Johnson, editors. A century of avifaunal change in western North America. Cooper Ornithological Society. 1994.

Artist: John Kirk (Jean Delarue). Source: Nisbet, Jack. Visible bones: journeys across time in the Columbia River country. Sasquatch. 2003.

Artist: Caron, Mona. Source: Solnit, Rebecca, and Mona Caron. A California bestiary. Heyday. 2010.

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