Illustrations from books for children: 1975-2015

Here are 8 fine illustrations of the California condor from children’s books.

The illustrations are shown in chronological order and are followed by their source information.


Artist: David Nockels. Source: Catchpole, Clive. Birds of prey that hunt by day. McGraw-Hill. 1975.


Artist: Gregory Irons. Source: Anderson, John G T. A coloring book of birds of California. Bellerophon. 1983.


Artists: Lee J Ames and Warren Budd. Source: Ames, Lee J. Draw 50 endangered animals. Doubleday. 1992.


Artists: Mary Sundstrom and Sally Blakemore. Source: Lovett, Sarah. Extremely weird endangered species. John Muir. 1992.


Artist: David Stallings. Source: McGlathery, Glenn, and Norma J Livo. Who’s endangered on Noah’s Ark? Literary and scientific activities for teachers and parents. Teacher Ideas. 1992.


Artist: Aliki Brandenburg. Source: Aliki. My visit to the zoo. HarperCollins. 1997.


Artist: Jean Sherlock. Source: Radley, Gail. Vanishing from the skies. Carolrhoda. 2001.


Artist: Jessica Scoles. Source: Martin, Merci, and Wanda Bishop. The crow and the feather: a tale from the oak woodlands of California. Cupola. 2015.

Whether simple or detailed, all of these illustrations reveal some part of the California condor’s essence.

None of the books above is focused on the California condor. But there are many that are and some of these have been noted in previous posts to this blog. Find these posts by clicking the CHILDREN button under POST TOPICS (located somewhere on this screen – the location depends on your device.)