Pictorial maps

A pictorial map is part map and part illustration. This post presents 8 examples of pictorial maps involving the California condor.

This map by the great-man-of-birds Roger Tory Peterson is a delight:

01 Abbott 1935

Artist: Roger Tory Peterson. Source: Abbott, Clinton G. Birding in southern California. Bird-Lore. November-December 1935.

Next is a detail from a large foldout map found in the back of a book:

02 Manning

Artist: Reg Manning. Source: Manning, Reg. Reg Manning’s cartoon guide of California. J. J. Augustin. 1939.

Here is a portion of the inside front cover of an important book about the California condor:

03 Smith & Easton 1964

Artist: Dick Smith. Source: Smith, Dick, and Robert Easton. California condor: vanishing American. McNally and Loftin. 1964.

The next 4 maps stretch the notion of “pictorial map”. These are range maps that take on extra value because they integrate images of the condor:

04 Zimmerman 1975

Artist: Nancy Lou Gahan. Source: Zimmerman, David R. To save a bird in peril. Coward, McCann and Geoghegan. 1975.

05 Verner & Boss 1980

Artist: Ellen Blonder. Source: Verner, Jared, and Allan S Boss, editors. California wildlife and their habitats: western Sierra Nevada. Forest Service. 1980.

06 Adams & McCorkle 1985

Artist: Uncredited. Source: Adams, Rick, and Louise McCorkle. The California Highway 1 book: an odology of America’s most romantic road. Ballantine. 1985.

07 Imbriaco 2007

Artist: Enslow Publishers. Source: Imbriaco, Alison. The California condor: help save this endangered species! Myreportlinks. 2007.

Finally, here is another real pictorial map, this from an undated postcard in my collection:

08 Postcard

Artist: Gerry Kubler. Source: Scope Enterprises.

For more maps concerning the California condor, see the post Range maps.