What’s the question?

Article headlines that are questions invite curiousity and whet readers’ appetites for answers. Here, from magazines and newspapers published 1936-1996, are the titles of 20 articles that pose a question about the California condor.

All by themselves, these questioning headlines tell part of the story of California condors and humans.

Who Killed the Condors? (Nature Magazine December 1936)

Condor Following the Dodo? (Scientific American April 1937)

Can the Condor Come Back? (Science Digest February 1952)

Starving the Condors? (California Fish and Game April 1958)

Why the Fuss over Condors? (Los Angeles Times 26 February 1965)

Will the Condor Survive? (Pacific Discovery November 1966)

California’s Condor – Winning or Losing? (Outdoor California November 1972)

Will the Condor Wander Yonder? (Westways February 1974)

Future of the Condor: Recovery or Extinction? (Field Museum of Natural History Bulletin October 1974)

Condor: A Doomed Species? (National Parks and Conservation Magazine February 1976)

Are There Condors in Our Future? (Audubon Imprint August 1976)

California Condor: Captive Breeding in Its Future? (Raptor Report 1976)

The Day of the Condor: Is It Over? (Los Angeles Times 29 July 1980)

Can Capture Save the California Condor? (New Scientist 29 January 1981)

Is the California Condor Worth Saving? (National Wildlife August-September 1981)

Where Is Condor Habitat? (Outdoor California September-October 1983)

Can High-Tech Man Save the Condor? (Los Angeles Times 31 May 1983)

What Sex Is That Condor? (Zoonooz October 1983)

Day of the Condor? (Los Angeles Times 20 March 1988)

Hoping to See a California Condor? (Winging It November 1996)

That last title strikes a wonderfully hopeful note. The article points readers to information about where to view California condors that have been released back into the wild.