Interest from Africa: 1979-1990

Last month I described articles about the California condor from European magazines. In this post I consider articles from magazines published in Africa.

Honeyguide was the magazine of the Rhodesian Ornithological Society and later described itself as the “Journal of Zimbabwean and Regional Ornithology”.

01 Honeyguide 1979 cover

The November 1979 issue of Honeyguide includes the article “Fifty Condors Coming Down” by P. J. Mundy, R. L. Knight, and J. C. Dobbs.

02a Mundy et al 1979a

This article describes the international vulture conference that took place in Santa Barbara, California in 1979 and drew international attention to the plight of the California condor. The article also compares the California condor with its African, Old World vulture counterparts.

This photograph of the condor Topatopa at the Los Angeles Zoo, credited to F. C. Sibley, accompanies the Honeyguide article:

02b Mundy et al 1979b

Vulture News is published in South Africa for an international audience.

03 Vulture News 1983 cover

The March-September 1983 issue of Vulture News features Janet A. Hamber’s “California Condor Research in Santa Barbara County”.

04 Hamber 1983

Hamber’s detailed article is accompanied by drawings created by John Schmitt.

05 Vulture News 1990 cover

The August 1990 issue of Vulture News includes 2 articles about the California condor. Ronald M. Jurek’s “An Historical Review of California Condor Recovery Programmes” is the featured article.

06a Jurek 1990a

More of John Schmitt’s excellent drawings support Jurek’s piece.

06b Jurek 1990b

The 2nd article, “California Condor Update 1989: San Diego Wild Animal Park” by William D. Toone and Patricia A. Ferris, offers details about the captive breeding program in San Diego.

07 Toone & Ferris 1990

While the Vulture News articles noted above are written by authors from California, the appearance of their work in a publication from South Africa still exemplifies the worldwide interest in the California condor.

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