Still more color illustrations from books: 1961-2009

This post offers 8 more illustrations of the California condor from 8 books.

The illustrations below are shown in chronological order and without comment.

01 Austin 1961

Artist: Arthur Singer. Source: Austin, Oliver L, Jr. 1961. Birds of the world: a survey of the twenty-seven orders and one hundred and fifty-five families. Golden.

02 Hvass 1961

Artist: Wilhelm Eigener. Source: Hvass, Hans. 1961. Alverdens fugle. Politikens.

03 Dugdale 1967

Artist: Clark Bronson. Source: Dugdale, Vera. 1967. Album of North American birds. Rand McNally.

04 Littlewood 1972

Artist: D W Ovenden. Source: Littlewood, Cyril. 1972. The world’s vanishing birds. Arco.

05 Allen 1974

Artist: J H Matternes. Source: Allen, Thomas B. 1974. Vanishing wildlife of North America. National Geographic Society.

06 Schreiber et al 1987

Artist: Alistair Robertson. Source: Schreiber, Rudolf L, Antony W Diamond, Roger Tory Peterson, and Walter Cronkite. 1987. Save the birds. Houghton Mifflin.

07 Ehrlich et al 1992

Artist: Darryl Wheye. Source: Ehrlich, Paul R, David S Dobkin, and Darryl Wheye. 1992. Birds in jeopardy. Stanford University Press.

08 Perrins 2009

Artist: Uncredited. Source: Perrins, Christopher, editor. 2009. The Princeton encyclopedia of birds. Princeton University Press.