Illustrations with a message

While every illustration conveys meaning, some artworks are all about making a point. In this post, I show 4 such illustrations concerning the California condor.

I leave it to readers to interpret these illustrations.

01 Fox 1973

Artist: Tom Minker. Source: Fox, William W. “Condors.” Science Digest. July 1973.

(In the magazine, the image above extends on to the facing and following pages.)

02 Eiseley 1974

Artist: Alan E Cober. Source: Eiseley, Loren. “The condor.” Audubon. May 1974.

(In the magazine, the image above extends on to the facing page.)

03 Phillips & Nash 1981

Artist: Tim Bowles. Source: Phillips, David, and Hugh Nash, editors. 1981. The condor question: captive or forever free? Friends of the Earth.

04 Tudge 1987

Artist: Peter Shrank. Source: Tudge, Colin. “Rembrandts in the sky.” New Scientist. 1 October 1987.

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To end this post on an upbeat note, here is a fine graphic that conveys a positive feeling on its own and with its accompanying words:

05 Myers 1986

Artist: Uncredited. Source: Myers, Douglas G. “Legislation and the California condor.” Zoonooz. November 1986.