Yet more color illustrations from books: 1883-2010

Updated 6 February 2020

This post offers 8 more illustrations of the California condor from books.

The images below represent a wide range of styles. Because the books the images come from were aimed at a variety of audiences, these images were intended to serve a variety of purposes.

The first illustration comes from the online Biodiversity Heritage Library. The rest are from my library. Artists and sources follow each illustration.

All of the artwork below is deserving of consideration.

01 Cory 1883

Artist: Charles B Cory. Source: Cory, Charles B. Beautiful and curious birds of the world. 1883.

02 Harris 1972

Artist: Larry Harris. Source: Harris, Larry. Twilight of the animal kingdom: the endangered species. Ward Ritchie. 1972.

03 Scott 1974

Artist: Uncredited. Source: Mitchell Beazley Publishers, editor. The world atlas of birds. Random House. 1974.

04 Palmer 1988

Artist: R M Mengel. Book: Palmer, Ralph S, editor. Handbook of North American birds. Yale University Press. 1988.

05 Masters 1991

Artist: Pauline Hazelwood. Source: Masters, Anthony. Spirit of the condor. Hippo. 1991.

06 Erritzoe 1993

Artist: Helga Boullet Erritzoe. Source: Erritzoe, Johannes. The birds of CITES and how to identify them. Lutterworth. 1993.

07 Anon 2003

Artist: Dugald Stermer. Source: Atlas of the biodiversity of California. California Department of Fish and Game. 2003.

08 Cunningham 2010

Artist: Laura Cunningham. Source: Cunningham, Laura. A state of change: forgotten landscapes of California. Heyday. 2010.

A note about Dugald Stermer’s artwork above: A different illustration of the California condor by Stermer appears in the March 2006 issue of Boys’ Life magazine. And a substantial set of Stermer’s illustrations of other endangered species were published in the March-April 1980 issue of Communication Arts magazine, a special issue devoted to “Vanishing creatures”. These are all worth a look.


It is worth noting that Charles Cory’s Beautiful and Curious Birds of the World (above) included just 19 species in addition to his California condor. Among the others are the extinct dodo, great auk, and labrador duck. This information tells us that Cory considered the California condor to be one of the world’s exceptional birds.