More postal miscellaneous

Postal-related items concerning the California condor continue finding their way into my collection. Here are more postcards, postage stamps, and first day covers.

This 1971 first day cover is the work of artist Melissa Fox:

01 Cachet - 1971 Melissa Fox

This 1996 first day cover is the work of artist Bob Hines:

02 Cachet - 1996 Bob Hines

This 2009 first day cover from France is the work of artist Louis Arquer:

03a Cachet - 2009 France - front

Arquer’s illustration is excellent. Note that the postmarks include outlines of the California condor. And the reverse side of this first day cover includes information about the California condor:

03b Cachet - 2009 France - reverse

The country of Benin produced this postage stamp in 1996:

04 Postage stamp - 1996 Benin

I have not found the date of this postage stamp from the Maldives:

05 Postage stamp - XXXX Maldives

Here are the 2 sides of a postcard published by Simon & Schuster in 1992:

06a Postcard - Simon & Schuster - front06b Postcard - Simon & Schuster - reverse

Next are the 2 sides of a QSL card, a type of postcard exchanged by amateur radio operators:

07a Postcard - ham radio - a07b Postcard - ham radio - b

I do not have any information about the connection between California condors and the creator of this card.

Since I first wrote this post, I have acquired a few more items.

This is another first-day cover from France:

08 Cachet - 2009 France 2

Unfortunately, this Ugandan postage stamp from 2013 considers the California condor to be a predator:

09 Postage stamp - 2013 Uganda

Here are the 2 sides of an undated postcard from the National Audubon Society that features the art of Bob Hines:

10a Postcard - NAS - Hines - front10b Postcard - NAS - Hines - reverse

A fine 2011 first-day cover:

11 Cachet - 2011 Collins

And, finally, 3 more first-day covers from 1971:

12 Cachet - 1971 David C

13 Cachet - 1971 CC

14 Cachet - 1971 Marq

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