Michael Warren’s art on conservation stamps

In 1988 and 1995, the National Audubon Society’s conservation stamps included paintings of California condors by the artist Michael Warren. The detailed habitat elements are a notable feature of these paintings.

For this post, I show 3 cachets, or first-day covers, that each include a conservation stamp and a larger version of the image by Warren that appears on the stamp.

This 1st cachet is from 1988:

01 Cachet - 1988 NAS - front

The next 2 cachets are from 1995. Their reverse sides offer different, short essays about the California condor.

02a Cachet - 1995 NAS - a - front02a Cachet - 1995 NAS - a - reverse

02b Cachet - 1995 NAS - b - front02b Cachet - 1995 NAS - b - reverse

I was especially struck by the image immediately above as it beautifully reveals the airfoil shape of the bird’s wings and the way that California condors hold their wings “flat” as they soar.

The 2 conservation stamps from 1995 are part of a group of 5 stamps that divide up a single painting. To see this single sheet, which includes a 3rd stamp with a California condor, see the previous post Promotional art.

California condor enthusiasts are fortunate that Michael Warren chose to paint the great bird and its habitat.