More photos from magazines: 1989-2017

For this post I present 10 photographs of California condors published over the last quarter century in a diverse array of magazines. By chance, this group of photos includes several of young, immature condors.

The photographs below are in chronological order and followed by their bibliographic details.

The caption of this 1st photo is “Nesting season in the Transverse Range, Ventura County, 1984.” This is one of my favorite California condor photographs:

01 Tupper Ansel Blake - Emory 1989

Photographer: Tupper Ansel Blake. Source: Emory, Jerry. El condor llegó – an episode toward recovery? Pacific Discovery. Spring 1989.

Here is a recently-hatched chick and its puppet “mother”:

02 Ron Garrison - Behler 1989

Photographer: Ron Garrison. Source: Behler, D. California condors hatching. Animal Kingdom. July-August 1989.

A young condor with wings wide, facing the sun:

03 Uncredited - Anon 1990

Photographer: Uncredited. Source: Sespe. Sunset. April 1990.

A smiling (?) condor:

04 Ron Austing - Willwerth 1992

Photographer: Ron Austing. Source: Willwerth, James. Can they go home again? Time. 27 January 1992.

Because the hundreds digit is indicated by the tag color, this black and white photo cannot tell us which condor this is:

05 Michael Wallace - Chesher 1996

Photographer: Michael Wallace. Source: Chesher, Greer. Up in the sky! Cañon Journal. Fall-Winter 1996.

The caption for this next photo is “The condors test their wings above House Rock Valley with the Kaibab Plateau rising in the distance”. This is a detail from a larger image:

06 Marty Cordano - Heffernon 1997

Photographer: Marty Cordano. Source: Heffernon, Rick. Return of the condor. Arizona Highways. September 1997.

Another young condor:

07 Steve Kimple - Schneck 1999

Photographer: Steve Kimple. Source: Schneck, Marcus. A step back from the edge. Hawk Mountain News. Fall 1999.

I experience this next photo as vertigo inducing:

08 Uncredited - Dickinson 2006

Photographer: Uncredited. Source: Dickinson, Rachel. Condorland? Wildlife Conservation. September-October 2006.

A young condor making a spectacular landing:

09 Chris Parish - Muller 2011

Photographer: Chris Parish. Source: Muller, Seth. The wind and the wings. Northern Arizona’s Mountain Living Magazine. September 2011.

And this young condor commands a spectacular view:

10 Angela Woodside - Posada 2017

Photographer: Angela Woodside. Source: Posada, Brenda. Scanning the horizon. Zoo View. Fall 2017.

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