In previous posts I have shown some comical illustrations of the California condor. In this post I present 6 more caricatures from a variety of sources.

This caricature is from a postcard by “Birdorable”:

01 Postcard - Birdorable

Here is the front of a 1994 collector card from CARDZ:

02 Collector card 1994 - Concord Condor

This card does not include an artist credit. But the card’s reverse notes the bird’s name, Concord Condor, and that his goal in life is “To avoid cartoon extinction”.

A book for younger readers, Extremely Weird Endangered Species by Sarah Lovett (published in 1992 by John Muir) includes this artwork by either Mary Sundstrom or Sally Blakemore:

03 Lovett 1992

Dwayne Harris provided the illustration for the front cover of a novel for younger readers:

04 Rand 2004

Johnathan Rand’s Creepy Condors of California was published in 2004 by AudioCraft.

An entirely serious book includes this drawing by Frances Ellis, which struck me as a caricature:

05 Platt 1961

The above is from Rutherford Platt’s Wilderness: The Discovery of a Continent of Wonder (published in 1961 by Dodd, Mead).

Finally, my favorite of this group is from the February-March 1992 issue of National Wildlife magazine:

06 Anon 1992

The cartoon above accompanied the article “The Year of Unfortunate Conflict”. Neither the artist or author are credited.

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