Still more black & white illustrations from books: 1953-1991

Here, without comment, are 10 illustrations of California condors from 7 books.

The illustrations below are presented in chronological order and are followed by their artist and source book.

01a Paca 1953a

01b Paca 1953b

Artist: Lillian Grace Paca. Source: Paca, Lillian Grace. 1953. Introduction to western birds. D’Angelo.

02a Dugdale 1967a

02b Dugdale 1967b

02c Dugdale 1967c

Artist: Clark Bronson. Source: Dugdale, Vera. 1967. Album of North American birds. Rand McNally.

03 Webster et al 1980

Artist: Donna Dittman. Source: Webster, Richard, Paul Lehman, and Louis Bevier. 1980. The birds of Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, California. 3rd edition. Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

04 Newberry 1982

Artist: Linda Newberry. Source: Newberry, Linda, editor. 1982. The condor question: proceedings of the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society’s conference on the California condor. National Audubon Society.

05 Anon 1983

Artist: Jim Cramer or Tim Nixon. Source: Anon. 1983. Trail guide to Los Padres National Forest, Monterey Division. 4th edition. Angel.

06 Mountfort 1988

Artist: Norman Arlott. Source: Mountfort, Guy. 1988. Rare birds of the world. Collins.

07 Cadieux 1991

Artist: Bob Hines. Source: Cadieux, Charles L. 1991. Wildlife extinction. Stone Wall.