Unexpected journal articles

My search for information about the California condor has turned up some sources that surprised me.

In this post I list some academic journals with articles that at least mention the California condor. These are journals where, when I began my research, I would not have expected to find the condor at all.

The journals below represent the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. This variety of publications indicates the many ways that humans can relate to another species, as well as the world-wide interest in the species. Note also that the articles below were published over a nearly 2-century span of time.

American Journal of Agricultural Economics

Bishop, Richard C. “Endangered Species and Uncertainty: The Economics of a Safe Minimum Standard.” 1978.

American Literature

Berkelman, Robert G. “George Sterling on ‘The Black Vulture.’” 1938.

Companion to the Botanical Magazine

H, W J. “A Brief Memoir of the Life of Mr. David Douglas, with Extracts from His Letters.” 1836.

General Linguistics

Callaghan, Catherine A. “Proto-Miwok Phonology.” 1972.

International Journal of American Linguistics

Berman, Howard. “A Supplement to Robins’s Yurok-English Lexicon.” 1982.

Journal of Philosophy

Ritter, Wm E. “Science and Philosophy.” 1931.

Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society

Clay, Theresa. “A Preliminary Survey of the Distribution of the Mallophaga (’Feather Lice’) on the Class Aves (Birds).” 1950.


Krauss, Michael. “The World’s Languages in Crisis.” 1992.

Proceedings of the Colonial Waterbird Group

Olson, Storrs L. “Multiple Origins of the Ciconiiformes.” 1979.

Reading Teacher

Pierce, Kathryn Mitchell, and Kathy G Short, editors. “Children’s Books: Environmental Issues and Actions.” 1993.

Transactions of the Philological Society

Skeat. “Notes on English Etymology; and on Words of Brazilian and Peruvian Origin.” 1887.


Chang, Gwong-Jen J et al. “Prospective Immunization of the Endangered California Condors (Gymnogyps californianus) Protects This Species from Lethal West Nile Virus Infection.” 2007.

In a previous post, I similarly noted some Unexpected magazine articles.