Color photos from books: 1974-2003

This post offers a varied collection of color photographs of California condors.

The caption for this 1st photo indicates that the image is life-size in the book:

01 Allen 1974

Photographer: J David Siddon. Source: Allen, Thomas B. 1974. Vanishing wildlife of North America. National Geographic Society.

Here, a condor executes a turn in the beautiful blue California sky:

02 Line & Russell 1976

Photographer: Peter B Kaplan. Source: Line, Les, and Franklin Russell. 1976. The Audubon Society book of wild birds. Harry N. Abrams.

No individual is credited with the photo below, which comes from the VIREO photographic library of the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. Note the absence of wing tags:

03 Weidensaul 1989

Photographer: Uncredited. Source: Weidensaul, Scott. 1989. North American birds of prey. W. H. Smith.

The 2nd of the pair of images below is one of my favorite color photos of a California condor:

04a Leopold 1987a

04b Leopold 1987b

Photographer: Tupper Ansel Blake. Source: Leopold, A Starker. 1987. Wild California: vanishing lands, vanishing wildlife. University of California Press.

This next photo struck me as atypical for a guide book:

05 Farrand 1988

Photographer: Anthony Mercieca. Source: Farrand, John, Jr. 1988. Western birds. New York: McGraw-Hill.

Here is a “modern”, tagged condor:

06 Lukas 2000

Photographer: Ned Harris. Source: Lukas, David. 2000. Wild birds of California. Companion.

And finally, an elegant photo:

07 Barrington 2003

Photographer: Mark A Chappell. Source: Barrington, Shaun, editor. 2003. Endangered animals. Sterling.