And more artwork

This post shows 7 more artworks concerning the California condor that I have acquired as prints. But 1st is a photo of a remarkable mural.

This mural, created by students of the Mount Madonna School (Santa Cruz County, California), is made from microtrash:

01 Microtrash mural

The small pieces of solid waste known as microtrash are consumed by California condors and pose a significant threat to the birds’ health and survival. The mural photo was kindly provided to me by the Ventana Wildlife Society.

Caroline Foley is creating a series of illustrations of plants and animals that live near the border of the USA and Mexico. Here is her California condor:

02 Foley 2017

These drawings, intended as bookmarks, are from kilykostudio:

03 kilykostudio

This painting of a California condor by Ellen Brenneman is part of her series Power Animals of the Planet:

04 Ellen Brenneman

Wendy Christine created the pattern for this quilt square:

05 Quilt pattern - Christine

The full quilt includes 12 squares, each featuring a different animal. The pattern, which comes with an essay about the California condor, is available from Raspberry Lane Crafts.

This painting is “Through The Eyes Of The Condor” by Karin Leonard:

06 Through the eyes - Karin Leonard

Leonard’s painting, inspired by Garrapata State Beach (Monterey County, California), also shows California poppies, the state’s official flower.

“California Condor Food Web” was created by MeganGnekow:

07 Food web - MeganGnekow

The artist notes that the California sea lion, tule elk, and Chinook salmon shown here were, historically, important food sources for the California condor.

My favorite work in this post is Susan K. Guy’s “Topa Topas”:

08 Topa Topas - SusanKGuyART

On her website, the artist writes:

My expressionist landscape paintings are inspired by the nature surrounding Ojai…. It is my hope that my work will inspire others to appreciate nature and promote environmental conservation.

The Topatopa Mountains are one of many striking features of California condor habitat. Here is a satellite  view of the complex geology of these mountains, acquired from Google Maps:

09 Topatopa Mtns - Google Maps

For more on microtrash, the material employed for the mural shown above, see the post An early report of death due to microtrash. For more images of where California condors live, see Illustrations & photos of habitat: 1880s-1990. For more artwork, click the ART&CRAFT button under POST TOPICS (somewhere on this screen, depending on your device).