More patents

Here is another handful of patents that relate to the California condor in some way.

US Patent 5,679,514

Method for determining the sex of birds

The sex of some bird species, including the California condor, cannot be distinguished based on outward appearance. This patent offers:

A method for determining the sex of either a Peregrine Falcon, California Condor, Canadian Goose, Wild Turkey, Attwater Prairie-Chicken or a Greater Prairie-Chicken from the respective bird’s w-specific chromosome …

This figure from the patent purports to show “sex-specific DNA hybridzation patterns” in California condors (bars marked C.C.):

01 Figure 1b - Patent 5679514

US Patent 6,260,795

Oya computerized glider

According to the patent:

The Oya glider is a modified hang-glider … [that] will seek to duplicate the external design of the California Condor, or other large bird, but on a larger scale.

Among the hang-glider’s features that mimic the California condor are these:

The Condor uses small feather sensors, located on either side of its nose, to detect external airflow. The … invention uses Piezoelectric Ceramic Strips (PCSS) as sensors.

The key factor in the Condor’s ability to maximize the winds power is its ability to react (in real time) to changing external airflows. The … invention uses Computer Firmware to mimic the Condor’s reactions.

These figures show the hang-glider’s wing design:

02 Figure 2-3 - Patent 6260795

US Patent 6,293,228

Wildlife homes

This invention is:

A group of connecting homes …, commercial and/or not-for-profit buildings that serve to enclose a self-sustaining wildlife habitat sanctuary …, specifically targeting the natural environment of endangered species, where appropriate.

The purposes of the invention include:

Promoting the survival of endangered species by designing and creating habitats specifically for the endangered animals …

Allowing for a non-zoo existence for animals which have become extinct in the wild, such as the California condor, the black-footed ferret, and the red wolf …

(This is among the more fanciful patents that I have seen.)

US Patent 7,410,807

Pregnancy and sex identification test based on saliva or other bodily fluids

In contrast to the 1st patent listed above, which relied on DNA analysis to the determine the sex of a California condor or other animal, this approach tests for the presence of specific hormones. (The pregnancy test aspect of the patent is for mammals.)

US Patent 7,682,828

Methods for reprogramming somatic cells

According to this patent:

The reprogramming methods disclosed herein may be used to generate RPSCs for a variety of animal species. The RPSCs generated can be useful to produce desired animals…. Exemplary birds include domesticated birds … as well as other birds such as birds of prey (e.g., hawks, falcons, ospreys, condors, etc.), endangered birds (e.g., parrots, California condor, etc.), … etc.

In other words, this patent provides a means for genetically engineering animals, of which the California condor is just one noted example.

Another set of “California condor inventions” are presented in a previous post: Patents.