More illustrations from books for children: 1986-2016

Books for young audiences can be counted on to include excellent artwork. Here are 10 illustrations of the California condor from as many children’s books.

Some of the images below show entire illustrations while others show only details.

01 Rauzon 1986

Artist: Uncredited. Source: Rauzon, Mark J. The last condor. Marine Endeavors. 1986.

02 Hoopes 1997

Artist: Peter C. Stone. Source: Hoopes, Lyn Littlefield. Condor magic. Benefactory. 1997.

03 Wexo 2001

Artists: Kenneth Goldman and Robert Goldman. Source: Wexo, John Bonnett. Birds of prey. Wildlife Education. 2001.

04 Miller-Schroeder & Ring 2004

Artist: Uncredited. Source: Miller-Schroeder, Patricia, and Susan Ring. California condors. Raintree. 2004.

05 Legg 2006

Artist: Uncredited. Source: Legg, Gerald. Monster animals. Alligator. 2006.

06 Phelan 2007

Artist: Tom Newsom. Source: Phelan, Glen. Condor rescue. National Geographic Society. 2007.

07 Heimbuch 2008

Artist: Fred Martin. Source: Heimbuch, Carol. Condor caper. Aventine. 2008.

08 Wexo 2011

Artist: Uncredited. Source: Wexo, John Bonnett. Endangered animals. Wildlife Education. 2011.

09 Totire 2015

Artist: Natalie J Totire. Source: Totire, Natalie J. God’s mighty raptors. CreateSpace. 2015.

10 Hansen 2017

Artist: Doug Hansen. Source: Hansen, Doug. California, the magic island. Heyday. 2016.

All of the books listed above are deserving of a fuller look. Check with your library or bookseller to find these books.

For more, see the posts Illustrations from books for children: 1975-2015 and Books for younger children. The cover of Mark Rauzon’s The Last Condor is shown in the post Last.