And yet more artwork from books: 1962-2017

This post shows 10 artworks including the California condor. These range from simple drawings to wonderful paintings.

The books that include the artworks below are also a diverse set, including field guides, a reference work, an essay collection, a non-fiction book for younger readers, a historical novel, and a book of art.

In most cases, the image is just followed by the details. But a few images are introduced with a note.

(Because these images are from books, my scans are sometimes blurry near the book’s binding.)

This is a section of a map featuring what I take to be a stylized California condor:

01 Smith & Van Schaick 1962

Artist: Dick Smith and Frank Van Schaick. Source: Smith, Dick, and Frank Van Schaick. 1962. California’s Back Country: Mountains and Trails of Santa Barbara County. McNally and Loftin.

02 Cromer 1968

Artist: Joseph Cellini. Source: Cromer, Richard. 1968. The Miracle of Flight. Doubleday.

The next pair are by the same author (and from the same book):

03a Weick 1980 - a

03b Weick 1980 - b

Artist: Friedhelm Weick. Source: Weick, Friedhelm. 1980. Birds of Prey of the World. Collins.

04 Maxwell 1982

Artist: Thomas J. Maxwell. Source: Maxwell, Thomas J. 1982. The Temescals of Arroyo Conejo. California Lutheran College.

05 Scott 1983

Artist: Donald L. Malick. Source: Scott, Shirley L, editor. 1983. Field Guide to the Birds of North America. National Geographic Society.

Next is a portion of a larger illustration:

06 Lehman 1994

Artist: Shawneen E. Finnegan. Source: Lehman, Paul E. 1994. The Birds of Santa Barbara County, California. University of California, Santa Barbara.

07 Owings 1998

Artist: Margaret Wentworth Owings. Source: Owings, Margaret Wentworth. 1998. Voice from the Sea. Monterey Bay Aquarium Press.

This from a major wildlife artist:

08 Bateman 2010

Artist: Robert Bateman. Source: Bateman, Robert. 2010. Bateman: New Works. Greystone.

09 Kaufmann 2017

Artist: Obi Kaufmann. Source: Kaufmann, Obi. 2017. California Field Atlas. Heyday.

That last book is an amazing work and highly recommended.