Still more photos from magazines: 1927-2005

People may experience birds in the wild, in zoos, in museums, in art, and in words. But surely it is photographs that have the most impact on the most people.

Here are a variety of photographs of the California condor. The details follow each photo.

This 1st photo is captioned “The condor is a spectacular bird”:

01 Cochran 1927

Photographers: [William L.] Finley and [Herman T.] Bohlman. Source: Cochran, Doris M. The California condor. Nature Magazine. June 1927.

No bird here, but this is where condors live:

02 Cruickshank 1944

Photographer: Uncredited. Source: Cruickshank, Allan D. In quest of the condor. Nature Magazine. January 1944.

An elegant bird in the wild:

03 Eissler 1964

Photographer: Carl Koford. Source: Eissler, Fred. Condors and wilderness. Sierra Club Bulletin. March-April 1964.

The condor Topa Topa at the Los Angeles Zoo:

04 Young 1979

Photographer: Gib Brush. Source: Young, Ralph L. DFG proposes captive breeding to save the endangered condor. Outdoor California. January-February 1979.

Here is beautiful interaction between 2 captive birds:

05 Weber 1987

Photographer: Ron Garrison. Source: Weber, Bruce. Caring for the condor. New York Times Magazine. 4 October 1987.

Look for the condor at the top of the tree:

06a Smith 1988 - a

Photographer: P. H. Bloom. Source: Smith, Dwight G. The eclipse of the California condor. World and I. February 1988.

Despite having been netted, this bird retains its dignity:

06b Smith 1988 - b

Photographer: D. Clendenen. Source: Smith, Dwight G. The eclipse of the California condor. World and I. February 1988.

A fantastic shot of a condor preparing to land:

07 Wheelwright 1997

Photographer: Glenn Oakley. Source: Wheelwright, Jeff. Condors: back from the brink. Smithsonian. May 1997.

Condor heaven:

08 Maxa 2004

Photographer: Gary Ladd. Source: Maxa, Christine. Triumphs of the condors. Arizona Highways. June 2004.

A fully-instrumented juvenile in flight:

09 Moir 2005

Photographer: C. Parish. Source: Moir, John. Bringing back the condor: adaptive management guides the recovery effort. Birding. January-February 2005.

What did the above 10 photos convey to you about the California condor?