This post shows 8 lapel pins with images of the California condor.

Below each pin I provide whatever information that I have about the pin. In some cases, this includes excerpts from the text on the accompanying package.

01 Pin - PNM

Pinnacles National Monument / Wildlife Series

“It is a dominant scavenger that will steal a carcass away from smaller species.”

02 Pin - PNP

Hogeye / Western National Parks Association

“Today, Pinnacles National Park’s rock formations, chaparral-covered hills, and oak woodlands are home to a diverse range of plant and animal species, including the endangered California condor.”

03 Pin - GC 1

Eagle River Designs / Grand Canyon Association

“These captive-bred condors are successfully foraging, mating, and raising chicks on their own.”

04 Pin - GC 2

L. W. Bristol Classics

“Condors are frequently seen soaring over the Grand Canyon.”

05 Pin - LA Zoo

(No information available)

06 Pin - SD Zoo

“The first California condor hatched at the San Diego Zoo was Sisquoc. He grew up at the Safari Park’s ‘condorminium’, where he fathered 17 chicks.”

07 Pin - VWS

Ventana Wildlife Society

08 Pin - Wm Spear

Wm. Spear Design

Made of copper electroplated with gold and “enameled by hand”

“Their future is still in doubt.”

Unfortunately, that last image does not do justice to an attractive piece of craftwork.

It is notable that all the pins show birds in flight – 7 soaring and one positioned for landing. Except for the pin from the San Diego Zoo, with its purple ruff (which should be black), these are all nice representations of the California condor.