This is another post about articles and books that (a) concern the California condor and (b) have titles that include a particular word. For this post, that word is “captive” and its variant “captivity”.

My bibliography concerning the California condor has well over 100 items that meet the 2 criteria. Below, in chronological order, is a sampling that represents 3 centuries.

Please look at these titles, their dates, and other details. This simple listing of a dozen citations tells a story all by itself!

“Captive California Vulture”. Forest and Stream. 4 April 1896.

Finley, William L. “Life History of the California Condor: Part IV – The Young Condor in Captivity”. Condor. January-February 1910.

“Census of Rare Animals in Captivity”. International Zoo Yearbook. 1968.

Webster, Bayard. “Breeding of Condors in Captivity May Avert Extinction”. New York Times. 5 December 1978.

“Two Condor Chicks Hatched in Captivity”. Endangered Species Technical Bulletin. April 1983.

Raloff, J. “Captivity Awaits the Last Wild Condors”. Science News. 21 June 1986.

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“Friendly Condor Returned to Captivity”. Los Angeles Times. 25 April 1999.

“Last Wild Female California Condor Taken into Captivity Is Returned to the Wild”. Ornithological Newsletter. October 2000.

Goldish, M. California Condors: Saved by Captive Breeding. Bearport. 2009.

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