More scientific sketches: 1938-1981

This post (the 200th to this blog) shows 8 artworks that convey scientific information about the California condor.

The first 2 sketches illustrate where the feathers emerge from the wing and body of a California condor:

01a Miller & Fisher 1938 - a

01b Miller & Fisher 1938 - b

Artist: Uncredited. Source: Miller, Alden H, and Harvey I Fisher. The pterylosis of the California condor. Condor. November-December 1938.

How do you observe the footprint of a California condor? The next sketch is based on observations made after a snowfall at the National Zoological Park in 1929. Then I show the accompanying sketch of the bird itself.

02a Murie 1954 - a

02b Murie 1954 - b

Artist: Uncredited. Source: Murie, Olaus J. A field guide to animal tracks. Houghton Mifflin. 1954.

This is a detailed drawing of a California condor’s skull:

03 Bock 1960

Artist: Uncredited. Source: Walter J Bock. Secondary articulation of the avian mandible. Auk. January 1960.

From a book published in Germany, here are the New World vultures in flight. The California condor is at lower right.

04 Fischer 1963

Artist: R. Zieger. Source: Fischer, Wolfgang. Die Geier. A. Ziemsen. 1963.

This next diagram shows how an identifying tag is attached to the wing of a unspecified bird. But the article is specifically about New World vultures so this is definitely relevant to the California condor.

05 Wallace et al 1980

Artist: Uncredited. Source: Wallace, Michael P, Patricia G Parker, and Stanley A Temple. An evaluation of patagial markers for cathartid vultures. Journal of Field Ornithology. Autumn 1980.

Finally, here is a sketch of a California condor that is not obviously relevant to the article it follows but does serve to occupy the empty space at the article’s end and edify the journal’s readers.

06 Elliott 1981

Artist: Tim Manolis. Source: Elliott, Bruce G. Defensive behavior of an immature California condor. Western Birds. 1981.

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