Fine photos

Here are 5 fine color photos of a California condor that I recently added to my collection.

I purchased all of the photos below via the internet. Please consider supporting the work of the named photographers.

First is “Handsome California Condor” by Donna Doherty:

01 Donna Doherty

This is Michael Farndell’s “Condor”:

02 Michael Farndell

Both of the next 2 photos are titled “California Condor”. This one is by Fraida Gutovich:

03 Fraida Gutovich

And this one is by Mark Newman:

04 Mark Newman

The image above is a beautiful example of the “sun-worshipper pose” (for more on this pose, see the post Short scientific articles).

This untitled photo of a condor “at table” is from JPL Designs:

05 JPL Designs

Finally, here is an appeal. Some time ago I saw the photo below on the internet and saved a copy. But I didn’t record the source. I recently happened on this image again. It’s absolutely amazing and I would very much like to know the name of the photographer. Please contact me if you can help me with this.

06 Unknown - 87 landing

For more color photography, start with Photos by Tim Huntington.