Yet more artwork

The California condor continues to inspire artists. Here are 8 prints that have recently joined my collection.

Please consider purchasing your own prints (or originals) of these works. Let’s encourage artists to continue finding inspiration in the condor.

Christina Ball’s project is “Drawing 10,000 Birds”. This is titled “The Ancient Ones”:

01 Christina Baal

Michael Rothman titled this “California Condor”:

02 Michael Rothman

From Birchside:

03 Birchside

From Sciencepics:

04 Sciencepics

By Carla Small:

05 Carla Small

Crystal Smith has a point to make about lead-poisoning:

06 Crystal Smith

Bennubirdy titled this “California Condor (Flight)”:

07 Bennubirdy

The 8th print, by Lyn Risling, is titled “Achviivkaam Tu’ípak (Condor Returns)”:

08 Lyn Risling

Risling identifies as Karuk/Yurok/Hupa, Native American peoples of northwestern California.

Finally, as a last-minute addition, here is a detail from a large illustration by Jessica French:

09 Jessica French

French’s original may be seen at the Discovery Center in California’s Andrew Molera State Park. I scanned the above from the Ventana Wildlife Society’s just-published annual report titled 100 Condors!

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