Guy Coheleach’s art in Audubon Magazine

In 1966, wonderful illustrations of California condors by wildlife artist Guy Coheleach appeared in 2 successive issues of Audubon Magazine. Here they are.

Below each image is the original caption.

The first 3 images accompanied “Return of a Condor” by John C. Borneman in the May-June issue.

01 Borneman 1966 - 1

Hunters found the poisoned condor huddled near a dead coyote and the carcass of a calf baited with strychnine to kill predators.

02 Borneman 1966 - 2

As National Audubon Society condor warden John Borneman slit the burlap cover, the condor charged out with wings open.

03 Borneman 1966 - 3

As the freed condor sunned on an oak snag, it cocked its head when another condor, perhaps its mate, flew into view.

The next 3 images accompanied “Those ‘Forty Dirty Birds’” by Brooks Atkinson in the July-August issue.

04 Atkinson 1966 - 1

Living fossils, the California condors are not without friends.

05 Atkinson 1966 - 2

In an artist’s conception of a scene from the Pleistocene three million years ago, an ancestor of the California condor sails close to earth …

The above image is a detail of a larger image.

06 Atkinson 1966 - 3

A condor guards its single egg in a mountain crevice.

Finally, I will note that one of the illustrations above reappeared on the cover of an important report by the National Audubon Society in 1978:

07 Ricklefs 1978

For more of Guy Coheleach’s illustrations of the California condor, see the posts Live trees or dead trees and Premium cards.