Pictures of people of the saga

The images on this blog are, overwhelmingly, images of California condors. But in this post I show pictures of some of the people who made contributions toward preventing the extinction of the condor (so far).

Below each picture is the name of the subject and the source of the image.

01 John Borneman

John Borneman. Photographer: Uncredited. Source: Howard, John, and Marion Howard. Condor: combine camping and conservation in California. Better Camping. September-October.

02 Paul Case & Robert Davis

Paul Case & Robert Davis. Photographer: Gene Lester. Source: Silverman, Milton. 1951. The fabulous condors’ last stand. Saturday Evening Post. April 7.

03 Robert Easton

Robert Easton. Photographer: Uncredited. Source: Anon. 1986. [Front cover]. Noticias. Winter.

04 Joseph Grinnell

Joseph Grinnell. Photographer: Uncredited. Source: Nielsen, John. 2006. Condor: to the brink and back — the life and times of one giant bird. HarperCollins.

05 Carl Koford

Carl Koford. Photographer: Don Bleitz. Source: Silverstein, Alvin, Virginia Silverstein, and Laura Silverstein Nunn. 1998. The California condor. Millbrook.

06 Eben McMillan

Eben McMillan. Artist: Gordon Morrison. Source: Brower, Kenneth. 1984. Following the condor. Country Journal. September.

07 Sophie Osborn

Sophie Osborn. Photographer: Uncredited. Source: Osborn, Sophie A H. 2007. Condors in canyon country: the return of the California condor to the Grand Canyon region. Grand Canyon Association.

08 Noel Snyder

Noel Snyder. Photographer: Helen Snyder. Source: Michelmore, Peter. 1994. Last stand of the condor. Reader’s Digest. February.

09 Beckie Usnik

Beckie Usnik. Photographer: Ron Garrison. Source: Anon. 1988. Meet Molloko – one ugly chick but beautiful news for California’s threatened condors. People Weekly. May 16.

10 Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace. Photographer: John T. Barr. Source: Reed, Susan K, and Lorenzo Benet. 1992. Return of the native. People Weekly. February 10.

There is more on this blog about most of the people above. Please search for their names with this website’s FIND CONTENT tool (somewhere on this screen – it depends on your device). If none of the names are familiar to you, I suggest starting with Carl Koford.

Expect a future post with more pictures of people. There are certainly many, many more people who deserve recognition and appreciation.

Other posts focused on people involved in the condor-human story include Journalists, The real work, and Women of the saga.