More pictures of people of the saga

California condors are with us today because of the dedication and hard work of many people. To celebrate these individuals, here are pictures of just a few of them.

Below each picture is the name of the subject.

01 Walter Fry

Walter Fry. Photographer: Uncredited. Source: Fry, Walter, and John R White. 1938. Big trees (revised edition). Stanford University Press.

02 Jan Hamber

Jan Hamber. Photographer: S. Petty. Source: Moir, John. 2006. Return of the condor: the race to save our largest bird from extinction. Lyons.

03 Susie Kasielke

Susie Kasielke (?). Photographer: Mike Wallace. Source: Kasielke, Susie. 1997. Raising California condors. Zoo View. Spring.

04 Cyndi Kuehler

Cyndi Kuehler. Photographer: R. Garrison. Source: Greeley, Maureen L. 1988. Molloko: helping condors soar into the next century. Zoonooz. July.

05 Ian McMillan

Ian McMillan. Photographer: Uncredited. Source: McMillan, Ian. 1968. Man and the California condor: the embattled history and uncertain future of North America’s largest free-living bird. Dutton.

06 Alden Miller

Alden Miller. Photographer: Robert McCabe. Source: Snyder, Noel F R, and Helen A Snyder. 2005. Introduction to the California condor. University of California Press.

07 Rob Ramey

Rob Ramey. Photographer: Rob Roy Ramey II. Source: Nielsen, John. 2006. Condor: to the brink and back – the life and times of one giant bird. HarperCollins.

08 Bill Toone

Bill Toone. Photographer: Uncredited. Source: Williamson, Bonnie. 1986. Bill Toone and the condors. Bird Talk. March.

09 Frederick Kent Truslow

Frederick Kent Truslow. Photographer: Uncredited. Source: Truslow, Frederick Kent. 1974. How I photographed America’s largest bird. National Wildlife. December.

10 Sandy Wilbur

Sandy Wilbur. Photographer: John Borneman. Source: Snyder, Noel, and Helen Snyder. 2000. The California condor: a saga of natural history and conservation. Academic.

I previously showed a photograph of John Borneman but I very much like this drawing (by a well-known artist) too:

11 John Borneman

John Borneman. Artist: Guy Coheleach. Source: Borneman, John C. 1966. Return of a condor. Audubon Magazine. May-June.

To see that photograph of John Borneman and 9 more people of the saga, have a look at the post Pictures of people of the saga.

More information about most of the people above can be found by searching their names under the FIND CONTENT header somewhere on this screen (depending on your device).