More illustrations from journals & magazines: 1898-2002

Here is a collection of fine illustrations of the California condor, largely from popular publications.

The 8 artworks, some of which I have cropped, are organized chronologically and are each followed by the information that I have about them.

01 Anon 1898

Artist: Uncredited. Source: California Vulture Pseudographus colifornianus [sic]. Oölogist. August-October 1898.

02 Hamilton 1952

Artist: Ewald L Weber. Source: Hamilton, Andrew. Can the condor come back? Science Digest. February 1952.

03 Brower 1984

Artist: Gordon Morrison. Source: Brower, Kenneth. Following the condor. Country Journal. September 1984.

04 Iker 1985

Artist: Chuck Ripper. Source: Iker, Sam. Can we live up to the law? National Wildlife. April-May 1985.

05 Toone & Ferris 1990

Artist: Uncredited (N John Schmitt?). Source: Toone, William D, and Patricia A Ferris. California condor update 1989: San Diego Wild Animal Park. Vulture News. August 1990.

06 Alberts 1992

Artist: Uncredited. Source: Alberts, Allison C. CRES corner: greasy lizard stuff. Zoonooz. April 1992. [CRES = Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species]

07 Anon 1997

Artists: CLRR. Source: Funding the future. Zoo View. Spring 1997.

08 Brown 2002

Artists: Zackery Zdinak and Gus diZerega. Source: Brown, Joshua. California condors: at home in Arizona. Wild Earth. Spring 2002.

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