Various published photos: 1909-1987

This post presents 8 photos from 6 books and magazines. These date from before the internet and before the captive and free-living California condor populations increased. So they are from a time when such photos were how all but a few people “experienced” condors.

The photos also date from before color photos were the norm. Among them are some showing condor habitat.

As always, click on the images to view a larger version (this will make it possible to read the captions scanned with some of the photos).


01 Cornish 1909

Photographer: Robert D. Carson. Source: Cornish, Charles J, editor. 1909. The standard library of natural history. University Society.

02a Scott 1936a

02b Scott 1936b

Photographer: Uncredited. Source: Scott, Carroll Dewilton. 1936. Who killed the condors? Nature Magazine. December.

03 Mallette & Borneman 1966

Photographer: W. C. Dillinger. Source: Mallette, Robert D, and John C Borneman. 1966. First cooperative survey of the California condor. California Fish and Game. July.

04 Small 1974

Photographer: Arnold Small. Source: Small, Arnold. 1974. The birds of California. Winchester.

05 Harrison 1979

Photographer: Ed N. Harrison. Source: Harrison, Hal H. 1979. A field guide to western birds’ nests. Houghton Mifflin.

06a Martin 1987a

06b Martin 1987b

Photographer: “Condor Research Centre”. Source: Martin, Brian P. 1987. World birds. Guinness.

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