More guides, handbooks & lists: 1959-2013

Birders rely on guides, handbooks, and lists to locate birds and then keep track of the birds they have observed. So these documents provide a record of a bird species’ existence.

In this post, I note a dozen lesser-known guides, handbooks, and lists that include the California condor. Among these are 2 journal articles, 10 books, and 2 different editions of the same author’s work. One of the books is organized around locales rather than species.

Below I show cover and/or title pages, the condor-related entry, and the citation. Several of the documents include more condor content than is shown here.

01a Sams & Stott 1959 - cover

01b Sams & Stott 1959 - entry

Sams, James R, and Ken Stott Jr. 1959. Birds of San Diego County, California. Occasional Papers of the San Diego Society of Natural History. June.

02a Pyle 1961 - cover

02b Pyle 1961 - entry

Pyle, Robert L. 1961. Birds of Southern California. Revised edition. Los Angeles Audubon Society.

03a Lane 1968 - cover

03b Lane 1968 - entry

Lane, James A. 1968. A Birdwatcher’s Guide to Southern California. L & P.

04a Lane 1979 - title

04b Lane 1979 - entry

Lane, James A. 1979. A Birder’s Guide to Southern California. 4th edition. L & P.

05a McCaskie et al 1970 - cover

05b McCaskie et al 1970 - title

05c McCaskie et al 1970 - entry

McCaskie, Guy, Pierre Devillers, Alan M Craig, Clifford R Lyons, Virginia P Coughran, and Jean P Craig. 1970. A Checklist of the Birds of California. California Birds. January.

06a Wyatt & Stoye 1983 - cover

06b Wyatt & Stoye 1983 - entry

Wyatt, Betty, and Audrey Stoye, editors. 1983. Birding at the Bottom of the Bay. Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society.

07a Brown et al 1986 - cover

07b Brown et al 1986 - entry

Brown, Vinson, Henry Weston Jr, and Jerry Buzzell. 1986. Handbook of California Birds. 3rd edition. Naturegraph.

08a DeSante & Pyle 1986 - cover

08b DeSante & Pyle 1986 - entry

DeSante, David, and Peter Pyle. 1986. Distributional Checklist of North American Birds. Artemisia.

09a White 1990 - cover

09b White 1990 - entry

White, Anthony. 1990. List of North American Birds. Bird Commander.

10a Clark 1992 - cover

10a Clark 1992 - entry

Clark, Jeanne L. 1992. California Wildlife Viewing Guide. Falcon.

11a Hamilton & Willick 1996 - cover

11b Hamilton & Willick 1996 - entry

Hamilton, Robert A, and Douglas R Willick. 1996. The Birds of Orange County, California. Sea and Sage.

12a Gatlin 2013 - cover

12b Gatlin 2013 - entry

Gatlin, Brian P. 2013. Birds of the Grand Canyon Region. 3rd edition. Grand Canyon Association.

The cover of the 4th edition of Lane’s guide, which features a California condor, is shown in More black & white illustrations from books: 1944-1996. A pair of illustrations from Brown, Weston, and Buzzell’s handbook are in Illustrations from bird guides: 1961-1990. Additional related posts include Field guides: 1904-1950, Place-specific check lists from the 19th century, and Regional field guides & checklists: 1964-2009.