Rubber stamps

Not so long ago, many routine transactions involved a rubber stamp. Just checking out a library book required 2 (and checking out 10 books required 20).

While the rubber stamp is less common today, they have not vanished. And some stamp makers are finding inspriation from the California condor. This post shows 3 examples.

The handles of rubber stamps often show what you will get by using the stamp:

01a RubberHedgeHog - handle

That nice wood handle is from a stamp by “RubberHedgeHog”. This is the image that I produced with the stamp:

01b RubberHedgeHog - image

From stamp maker Nicole Strasburg, here is another handle and resulting image:

02a Nicole Strasburg - handle

02b Nicole Strasburg - image

My favorite of the 3 that I have gathered is by “Mostly Animals”. I took this image before using the stamp:

03a Mostly Animals - stamp

All the beautiful detail comes through nicely when the stamp is applied to ink and then paper:

03b Mostly Animals - image

If you find other examples of rubber stamps of the California condor, please let me know by making contact.