More artifacts

Last month, a post presented artifacts of humans’ interest in the California condor. Here is another set of these artifacts.

First is a decal from LCW Graphic Designs showing a condor coming in for a landing and providing information around the circumference:

01 Decal - LCW 2

This decal is from Redbubble:

02 Decal - Redbubble

Next is a magnet is from Atlantis Designs:

03 Magnet - Atlantis Designs

Another magnet has a message (unfortunately, the web address shown is defunct):

04 Magnet - Fabric of Nature

The image on this magnet, from Gaia Print Studio, is covered by polished glass:

05 Magnet - glass

I very much like the illustration on this magnet by Wildlife Artworks:

06 Magnet - Wildlife Artworks

The World Wildlife Fund is responsible for this necktie:

07a Necktie - WWF - a07b Necktie - WWF - b07c Necktie - WWF - c

Finally, here is a new patch from the Ventana Wildlife Society (I like the blue “sky”!):

08 Patch - VWS

For more, see the post Artifacts.