Many organizations and events include images of the California condor in their logos. This post offers a selection, all gleaned from the web.

It is hardly surprising that Friends of California Condors Wild and Free, an important non-governmental organization, incorporates the condor in its logo:

01 Friends of California Condors Wild and Free

The same goes for the Audubon chapter in Ventura, California:

02 Ventura Audubon Society

And for the California Chaparral Institute:

03 California Chaparral Institute

The logo for the Western Section of the Wildlife Society puts the condor at its center:

04 Wildlife Society - Western Section

(I very much like that logo.)

The Wildlife Society’s Western Section publishes a journal titled Western Wildlife that features a stylized condor on its logo:

05 Western Wildlife

Southwestern California’s version of the Appalachian Trail, the Condor Trail, is marked with this logo:

06 Condor Trail

A massive collection of photos by Tim Huntington, many of which show California condors, may be found at webnectar.com, a site that is identified by this logo:

07 WebNectar

I saw this next logo on a t-shirt:

08 Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival

I stumbled across this proposed logo by Jocelyn Shaver for a planned symposium in Arizona:

09 Proposed for planned symposium in Arizona

Sometimes California condors appear on logos that having nothing to do with birds:

10 Alta Music Festival

Finally, here is part of the logo for the firm Condor Law (make of it what you will):

11 Condor Law - Sarah Condor

Except as noted, no artists credits were found for the logos above.

Many other logos incorporating or concerning the California condor have appeared in previous posts to this blog.