Still more artifacts

This post includes 8 creative items that represent humans’ interest in and conception of the California condor.

Here is an appealing decal by TuleArtandCraft:

01 Decal - TuleArtandCraft

For the next decal, by Car Decal Geek, I show my as-yet-unmounted decal and a better image of the artwork from the maker:

02a Decal - Car Decal Geek - mine02b Decal - Car Decal Geek - online

This curious pin by Creative_Arts is named “Condor Man” and reimagines the face of a California condor:

03 Pin - Condor Man - Creative_Arts

The next 5 artifacts show images that can be placed on all kinds of items (shirts, tote bags, wall clocks, …).

This first is on a pin by ShirtsJunkie. I show my pin and a better image of the artwork from the maker:

04a Pin - ShirtsJunkie - mine04b Pin - ShirtsJunkie - online

I have this attractive photo by Marilyn’s Gallery on a note card:

05 Note card - Marilyn's Gallery

This illustration by Kitfox Designs is also on a note card:

06 Note card - Kitfox Designs

BiologyBase is the creator of this illustration that I have on a postcard:

07 Postcard - BiologyBase

Finally, England|Ecology created this illustration, that I also have on a postcard:

08 Postcard - EnglandEcology

With just a few colors, the illustration above nicely “condenses” the California condor and its habitat.

For more artifacts, continue with the post More artifacts.