Games & toys

It’s time for some condor fun. Here are examples of games and toys that have a connection to the California condor or, at least, condors.

A standard deck of playing cards put a nice illustration of a California condor on the 7 of hearts (but I was a bit disappointed by the plain reverse side of the card):

01a Playing card - 7 hearts - front01b Playing card - 7 hearts - back

How about an educational card game called “Lord of the Wings”?

02a Lord of the Wings - box

Here are the 2 sides of one of the cards:

02b Lord of the Wings - card front02c Lord of the Wings - card back

These are the 2 sides of a card from what must be an interesting game:

03a Magic the Gathering - card front03b Magic the Gathering - card back

A game called or involving Bakugan includes a spherical playing piece named “El Condor” that’s not quite the diameter of a ping-pong ball:

04a Bakugan - El Condor - closed

Roll “El Condor” across a metal surface and it may pop open:

04b Bakugan - El Condor - open

A website describes this playing piece as follows:

El Condor is a shaman-like Bakugan in a mysterious totem shape. It has amazing ability to fly, soaring like a giant Condor over its opponents in battle. El Condor can neutralize its enemies with a dazzling green laser beam.

This game also involves playing cards including one representing a different form of “El Condor”. Here are both sides:

04c Bakugan - card front04d Bakugan - card back

And, at last, a proper toy. This old tin steam engine bears a fine name:

05 Train engine

(I need to find more condor toys.)

Clearly, when people think “condor”, many different things come to mind.