Still more postal miscellaneous

When I began gathering postage stamps, first day covers, and postcards concerning the California condor I did not imagine how many are out there. This post shows the latest additions to my collection.

This appealing stamp is from Angola:

01 Postage stamp - 2000 Angola

The illustrations on these stamps from the Maldives are excellent and I like the juxtaposition of the 2 condor species:

02 Postage stamp - 2018 Maldives

Here are 3 cachets from the USA:

03 Cachet - 1971 Artmaster

04 Cachet - 1996 Postal Commemorative Society

05 Cachet - 1996 Aullwood Audubon Center

That last cachet is a bit of a curiosity, showing both the California condor and noting the Andean condor to celebrate an Audubon organization in Ohio.

This cachet is from France:

06 Cachet - 2009 France

Finally, here are both sides of the California condor member of a series of educational postcards:

07a Postcard - To Save the Planet - a

07b Postcard - To Save the Planet - b

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