Stuffed toys

Despite the California condor not being as obviously cuddly as a teddy bear, there are stuffed toy condors. Here are 4 different versions.

The stuffed toys all perched on the same box to have their pictures taken.

The 1st carries a San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park tag (and is made by Aurora World):

01 Stuffed toy - San Diego Zoo

The 2nd is identified as a Wild Republic toy (made by K & M International):

02a Stuffed toy - Wild Republic - 1

02b Stuffed toy - Wild Republic - 2

The packaging indicates this was produced in association with Audubon and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Squeezing the toy produces the “authentic” sound of a California condor. Here’s a portion of the packaging:

02c Stuffed toy - Wild Republic - label

The 3rd is labelled on its chest:

03a Stuffed toy - Grand Canyon - 1

A separate tag states that the maker is RGU Group. Here’s the whole bird:

03b Stuffed toy - Grand Canyon - 2

The 4th has a Grand Canyon Association tag (and is made by Merrymakers):

04a Stuffed toy - Grand Canyon Association - 1

It’s great to see a bird with a full crop. This bird also carries a wing tag:

04b Stuffed toy - Grand Canyon Association - 2

At 10 inches tall, this is the largest of the 4 stuffed toys.

As a bonus, here is a diminuitive (and unlabelled) Andean condor made of wool:

05 Stuffed toy - Andean

Stuffed toy California condors demonstrate the kind of affection that some people have for the great birds, affection that they also wish to instill in children.

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