People enjoy having replicas of “real” things. This post describes and shows 7 California condor figurines.

These figurines are not museum or scientific models. Some are for children and some for adults. All play a role in connecting people and the California condor. Those with accompanying information also serve to educate people about the condor.

The figurines below are ordered by size, from smallest to largest.

This ceramic figurine, glued to a paper card, is less than an inch high:

01a Figurine - LittleCritterz

The card identifies the maker as LittleCritterz and gives this particular condor’s name as “Fast Eddy”:

01b Figurine - LittleCritterz - label

A slightly larger, plastic replica is from Yowie:

02a Figurine - Yowie

Here is the accompanying explanatory information:

02b Figurine - Yowie - label

I believe that this ceramic figurine, with a “K” on the bottom of one foot, is by Klima:

03a Figurine - Klima - 1
03b Figurine - Klima - 2

This plastic bird is perched on a rock:

04a Figurine - Japanese

All of the accompanying materials are in Japanese:

04b Figurine - Japanese - package

Here is a condor accurately posed for flight (this would look best hanging from a thread):

05a Figurine - Safari - 1
05b Figurine - Safari - 2

The wingspan is not quite 6 inches so this “flying” figurine is about 1/20 life size. This is the accompanying label:

05c Figurine - Safari - label

DeAgostini produced a figurine made from the kind of rubbery material that I associate with Halloween decorations:

06a Figurine - DeAgostini 1
06b Figurine - DeAgostini 2

Here is the rather dramatic package:

06c Figurine - DeAgostini - package

And this is a portion of the “mini poster” that accompanies the collectible:

06d Figurine - DeAgostini - poster

These are excerpts from the poster’s text:

This is a splendid, if SINISTER bird….

The California condor is one of the rarest birds of prey in the world and is at risk of EXTINCTION….

The California condor is a very CLEAN animal: it bathes often … But on very hot days, it’s less choosy about how it cools off: it SPRAYS faeces and urine on its legs!

Finally, this largest of the figurines is the product of the Franklin Mint:

07a Figurine - Franklin Mint - 1
07b Figurine - Franklin Mint -2

The realistic ceramic is about 9 inches wide and is dated 1988. The accompanying label concludes:

Perhaps, if we are lucky, the coming years will see this wonderful creature restored to the blue skies that are rightfully his. If not, we have lost something both rare and majestic.

All the figurines above demonstrate that children and adults around the world value the California condor.

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